Our Team

A group of 3 friends looking to give back to the local community by inspiring young people to achieve great things. We want to ensure every child has same access to a quality education and oppourtunity to flourish!


Waqar Mehmood

Graduated with a First Class Honours from London School of Economics studying Business Mathematics and Statistics. With over 5 years of teaching experience, Waqar brings a great deal of knowledge and passion to every lesson he teaches. Since graduating he has worked at American Express since 2014 where he was one of the youngest promotions within his organisation.

Jamie newbury

Graduated from Royal Holloway University of London studying Computer Science MSc. With over 5 years of coding experience, Jamie is an avid problem solver and a keen coder - bringing maths to the center of his solution orientated approach. Since graduating he was been working alongside Samsung testing new handsets before roll-out to mass market. 



Talha is a keen mathematician and an amazing teacher. His teaching methods focus on deepening understanding and attaining the ability to teach others. Talha is currently studying pure Mathematics at Aston Business School