Maths Guru Mantra

We prepare our students for their future, not just their exams. Here, our gurus know that tuition services is not just about teaching the syllabus - it’s about having strong relationships and being able to motivate and inspire. Teaching is about providing the skills, that enable students to solve future problems and not just being able to complete past papers. 

Our mission is to help our students become well rounded individuals, setting themselves up for a strong university education in order to accomplish their goals!


Teaching Strategy 

Our teaching strategy is simple.

We live by four basic principles in order to create the optimal environment for all our students. 

small classes

Help to ensure the best environment for students to learn and contribute to lesson amongst their peers. Our class sizes have a maximum of 4 students.


tailored syllabus

The Maths Guru syllabus is tailored to get students ahead of their class so they can be prepared for the next stage of Maths!

exam (1).png

exam practice

We provide opportunities for our students to practice, practice and practice with the best exam techniques.

revision classes

We recommend revision classes to supplement the learning in the smaller tactical classes.


Education is the most powerful weapon in which you can change the world


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